IT management

We are here when it counts.

In our fundamental approach, we offer the technical solutions that require the least possible maintenance and are best suited to your business needs. However, we all know that technology and electronics are not infallible. To do this, our team is always available to provide technical support for any problem you may have.

Benefits of using our technical support services

  • Your business can be severely slowed down or paralyzed by a broken equipment or a software problem, contacting us to quickly fix the problem, you can quickly restart your operations and avoid wasting valuable productivity time.

  • Our technicians are professionals trained in the field of computing and networking, they are able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. In the vast majority of cases, problems can be solved remotely with our specialized support tools.

  • From your perception, your case seems isolated and unique, in our perspective, we have probably already encountered your problem several times with another client. It will be very beneficial for you to benefit from our experience, which usually helps to solve problems very quickly.

Focus on your business

We are convinced that what makes the strength of a team is to use the strengths of each one. Our strength; take care of the technologies while your other players focus on their roles in which they perform within your organization. Together, we can propel your business towards the greatest victories.

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  • Il est toujours un plaisir de travailler avec l'équipe de Pro-iTek. Une équipe innovatrice, efficace et professionnelle.
    Samuel Cadotte, Tyrolienne Montréal
  • Services et équipements informatiques de qualité supérieure. Pour le matériel Apple, ce sont les experts!
    Alexandre Pelletier, Dynamitage Piché
  • Super satisfaite des services Pro-iTek. Équipe compétente et toujours pleine d'idées innovatrices!
    Marie-Joe Ravier, Garderie Clos-des-petits-hiboux
  • Nous travaillons avec Pro-iTek depuis plusieurs années et sommes très heureux de notre relation avec eux. Toujours un service très compétent et attentionné.
    Renée Violette, Équipe Martin Rouleau